OVER THE KNEE BOOTS, LEATHER BOOTS OUTFIT | Black pantyhose, otk boots, leather outfit [VLOG Ep 16]

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Over the knee boots and leather boots outfit with long boots, black pantyhose, black tights, otk boots, leather shorts as a leather outfit. Try on of my overknees with pantyhose on my legs and some hot pants with a transparent blouse top - subscribe to Vanessa Pur: https://www.youtube.com/vpureglam?sub_confirmation=1

Vanessa Pur Vlog Season 1 - Episode 16

(0:00) Polls on Twitter https://twitter.com/VanessaPur and YouTube Community Tab
(2:37) Putting OTK boots on - ASMR https://www.vanessapur.com/asmr
(3:19) LOOKBOOK with over the knee boots, walking in otk boots, leather boots and leather shorts
(4:37) Leather outfits, over the knee boots outfits - Patreon https://www.patreon.com/vanessapur, German YouTube video channel https://www.vanessapur.com/german

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