LEATHER WOMAN with Leather leggings, leather skirt and leather boots - Leather Outfits [VLOG Ep 13]

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Leather woman and leather outfits try on with leather leggings, leather pants, leather skirt, leather shorts, leather boots, leather overknees and leather gloves with a crop top. The different leather outfits with the same top for everyday style and relaxing in the morning, meetings or business style with leather and going out or having fun with high heeled boots and long leather boots. Fall fashion with leather fashion being a leather women - subscribe to Vanessa Pur: https://www.youtube.com/vpureglam?sub_confirmation=1

Vanessa Pur Vlog Season 1 - Episode 13

(0:00) Fridge, fruits, grapes, leather outfits and barefoot
(1:12) Thank you for your support on YouTube & Patreon https://www.patreon.com/vanessapur
(2:00) Leather pants, crop top, barefoot
(2:40) LOOKBOOK with faux leather leggings, peep toe high heels, crop top
(3:51) About wearing leather pants or leather skirts with pantyhose feet
(4:32) What I love about leather - sound of leather ASMR: https://www.vanessapur.com/asmr
(5:26) LOOKBOOK with leather pencil skirt, classy black stiletto high heels 5inch high, 20den pantyhose, black crop top, leather bum, leather woman
(6:40) Evening style with leather shirts, leather hotpants, leather women
(7:10) Putting on leather gloves
(8:11) LOOKBOOK with putting on my leather boots, otk boots, thigh high boots, hosed feet
(9:25) Leather is not so tight to the body
(10:01) Vanessa Pur Stats and infos about size, body, shoes size at: https://www.vanessapur.com/vanessa-pur-wiki-facts-faq-stats-details-about/
(10:26) What is your favourite leather outfit? More lookbooks: https://www.vanessapur.com/outfits
(12:00) Taking off my boots, feet in tights & blueberries

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