Nana's mirrored platform stiletto high heels gray suede boots Size EU37 US 7

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Jewish model Nana presents Gianmarco Lorenzi boots. She is sitting on a sofa in mirrored platform boots. The girl in stilettos boots says she went to work and is very tired after quarantine. The model closely shows her high heels boots. These gray boots are in good condition. More information on these suede boots on my eBay. These knee boots are sold without an original box. These spike heels boots are delivered in a non-original box. These chromed steel toe boots are delivered worldwide.

猶太模特Nana展示了Gianmarco Lorenzi靴子。 她正坐在鏡面厚底靴的沙發上。 穿高跟靴的女孩說她去上班了,隔離後很累。 模特緊密地展示了她的高跟靴子。 這些灰色靴子狀況良好。 在我的eBay上有關這些絨面革靴子的更多信息。 這些膝蓋靴不帶原包裝盒出售。 這些高跟鞋靴子在非原始包裝盒中提供。 這些鍍鉻鋼趾靴在全球範圍內都有銷售。
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